1:10 Nitro Monster Licensed Lil Devil Electric RC Truck
1:10 Nitro Monster Licensed Lil Devil Electric RC Truck

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1:10 04WD Licensed Lil Devil Electric RC Truck


  • Fuel tank with vast capacity, easily to refuel with super calibre, prevent overflowing and leaking
  •  Front/rear umbrella gear differential and differential box with leak protection; High-Speed Bearing
  •   With 13.8g super-light-weight fly wheel, make the engine smaller in load
  •   Adjustable-bounce, make spring buffered
  •   Differential with 5pcs of screw only, fixing/disassembling is easy
  •  The all-metal disc type brakes and super thick asbestos brake block
  •   Flexuous 6061 aluminium chassis, thickness:2.5mm
  •   Aluminium alloy in 6061, Anodic heavy-duty adrustor
  •    Variable shockproof spring
  •    Double sponge filter, dustproof result is better. 7.5mm oversize gas vent
  •    56mm resonance
  •  Dimensions : 400mm (14') : 310mm (12') :185mm (7.4')

  •  3 Steps Reducer
  •   Over Loading Protector
  •   Strengthen Rod on Shockproof
  •   Crashworthy Spring
  •    8-pcs Super-long Suspension
  •    Six holes make air to be circumfluence, air-pressure more uniformity and less air bubble
  •     Easily to refuel with super calibre ouding wall prevent leaking 

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